Philadelphia Orchestra members taking part in the outreach with the Penn Medicine Orchestra included Choong-Jim Chang

Last month, the Penn Medicine Orchestra had the opportunity to learn from the best. Members of the Philadelphia Orchestra joined them in a rehearsal, playing with them but also providing some teaching as well. The outreach was part Philadelphia Orchestra’s “HEAR” (Health, Education, Accessing, and Research) Week in which members partnered with several groups throughout the region.

“We got connected at our spring concert earlier this year. Someone who worked for the Philadelphia Orchestra was in the audience,” said Daniel Zhang, a student in the Perelman School of Medicine who helped start the orchestra last spring with Gina Chang, another PSOM student. The Penn Medicine orchestra comprises a diverse group from across Penn, including grad students from the PSOM and HUP clinicians.

Be sure to come to Penn Medicine Orchestra’s next performance on Sunday, December 10, at 8 pm in Irvine Auditorium.

During the rehearsal’s first hour, members of the PM Orchestra were divided into small groups according to instrument sections (for example, flute, cello and violin). A member of the Philadelphia Orchestra led each group, providing friendly professional coaching as they practiced their portion of the piece they would be performing together. The combined orchestras then performed Beethoven’s Symphony No. 4.

“It’s a unique opportunity for us – amateur or past musicians – to interact with people who are very serious about music and have an exchange about how we integrate music into our lives, as a hobby or career,” Zhang said.

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