Michael-AckerMichael A. Acker, MD, chief of Cardiovascular Surgery, has been named director of the Penn Medicine Heart and Vascular Center.  With this appointment, the Heart and Vascular Center now encompasses cardiology, cardiac and vascular surgery services for all of Penn Medicine.

In his new role, Acker will help to shape the strategic direction of the Heart and Vascular service line as well as further the integration of cardiovascular clinical care across Penn Medicine.  In collaboration with our hospitals, CPUP and colleagues from the Departments of Medicine and Surgery, he will lead the growth of the cardiovascular network, including being responsible for strengthening affiliate network relationships, building the community physician network as well as forging linkages with new cardiology practices in priority markets in collaboration with the entity cardiology chiefs.

In addition, Acker will take on a key role in developing our managed care strategy as it affects cardiac programs and network development. Acker will also continue to work collaboratively with the Penn Cardiovascular Institute (CVI) and other departments to advance the missions of clinical care, research and teaching.