WellfocusedThis past open enrollment, UPHS launched a newpoints-based Wellfocused Healthy Rewards Program, allowing employees to earnpoints year-round  for participating inactivities and challenges as well as earn $150 reward by completing aWell-Being Assessment, Knowing Your Numbers and taking healthy actions.  The $150 reward is available all year long! 

This program allows you to create a personal profile, sethealth goals, and participate in fun and engaging challenges, all whileimproving your health and well-being. The challenges and activities in theprogram focus on all aspects of health and are designed for all employees,regardless of your health or fitness level. You can even create your ownchallenges to help you reach your own personal goals – and earn points whiledoing so! 

How the Points System Works

For each activity, challenge, or action you complete, youearn points.  As you accumulate morepoints, you move to higher levels of the program and get the opportunity to beentered into raffles to win rewards!

  • First Steps: Earn 300 points by taking theWell-Being Assessment and Know Your Numbers
  • Jog Forward: Earn up to 1,200 points in thislevel by having healthy numbers, participating in challenges and activities andsetting and tracking your own personal goals. Earn your $150 reward at thislevel!
  • Sprint Ahead: Reach this level by accumulating3,000 points by participating in challenges and activities and setting andtracking your own personal goals! You will be entered into quarterly raffles towin prizes!
  • Lead the Way: Accumulate a total of 6,000 pointsthroughout the program and you are well on your way to leading a healthylife!  You will also be entered into araffle to participate in a leadership event!

Every quarter there will be new and exciting challengesfor all employees to join and participate in! Look for more information inupcoming issues. For more information, visit uphshrandyou.com  and log in by clicking on “Healthy Rewards.”

Also, if you have been using the Wellfocused Rewards siteand have found success in improving your health and well-being, we would loveto hear about it! Please submit your healthy success story to HRSuccessStory@uphs.upenn.edu.

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