What’s a quick and easy way to:

* find out a lab result

* request an appointment with your doctor

* renew your prescription


Simple.  myPennMedicine 

The Health System’s online health-management tool, which debuted in 2008 (as myPennHealth), offers patients easy and secure access to personal medical information, but it has recently expanded to include much more.

For example, you can now access many test results through myPennMedicine, just three business days after they reach your physician’s in-basket folders.  “Most results are automatically released, with no physician input necessary,” said Diane Buckles, project manager. Others (such as a pap smear) require a doctor’s ok while a third group – including genetic testing -- is never released to the site. “And we’ll be adding access to radiology results shortly.”

Another new feature is the link to our health information library. “Simply click on one of your diagnoses – or a medication you’re taking – and it will link you directly to that topic,” Buckles said. myPennMedicine also connects patients to information about their lab results.

Have a question for your doctor’s practice?  myPennMedicine eliminates the calling and waiting on the phone or for a return call. ‘Contact Your Care Team’ allows you to send a secure, non-urgent email to any outpatient physicians you’ve seen at Penn in the last three years or have a scheduled visit with in the next six months. Drop-down lists automatically display the names of your Penn doctors as well as a list of possible subjects (such as a visit follow-up question).  “The subject ensures that the completed message is sent automatically to the appropriate person on the care team,” Buckles said.

This same patient-specific physician list is displayed when requesting an appointment. You simply fill in the reason for the visit and preferred dates and times. You can also cancel an appointment -- two or more days in advance-  and easily check times and days of future appointments.

Gone are the days when renewing a prescription required the ability to decipher the information on the medicine bottle. When you want to renew a prescription, all of the necessary information, eg, dosage and the doctor who prescribed, are online and available. myPennMedicine even allows the patient to choose the preferred pharmacy from a list that can be updated at any time.

The information in myPennMedicine is always in real time. “As soon as the information is entered in EPIC, the patient’s record is updated,” Buckles said. “No one else in the region has that.”

“And it’s personalized information,” added Michael Restuccia, chief IS officer, “in that it’s focused on the individual needs of each patient,”.

myPennMedicine is available to all current Penn Medicine patients. Nearly 50,000 patients are managing their health-care issues on their own time … and, according to Buckles,  the feedback is positive. “I really enjoy being readily able to access my information online,” said one user. “I’m such a computer person and this site is easy to navigate and locate information!” “This website is amazing,” noted another Penn patient. “I am in the process of applying for new health-care coverage and even the representative was impressed by the accessibility of my medical info online.”


Joining myPennMedicine is Easy!

  • Get an access code by going to my PennMedicine.org and clicking on ‘Request an Activation Code’ or get one from you doctor.
  • Click ‘Sign Up’ and complete your personal information.
  • Once the information is verified, log on and view your profile at any time!
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