Roof Come spring, patients, visitors and staff will notice some colorful vegetation additions to the roof of the Perelman Center. Yes, the roof.

In an effort to further boost the green environment, a layer of living plants has been added to the top of over 2,000 square feet of the Perelman roof.

According to Bryan Heigh, project manager of Real Estate, Design and Construction, this sedum roof survives drought, heat and cold. “It survives just about anything,” he said. Even better, “by design, the growth of durable and robust sedum plant species will promote a relatively low level of maintenance required.”

Located on part of the first-floor roof, the two planted areas are easily seen as you enter the atrium from the Penn Tower bridge and alongside the terraced area of Gia Pronto. Heigh said that some of the plants will produce small flowers, providing a colorful connection with Mother Nature.

A green roof offers multiple benefits. It helps control stormwater runoff, more than doubles the service life of the roof, and helps conserve energy. Heigh said it takes about two years for the roof to become fully established and, depending on the results, they might expand the sedum covering to other roof areas of Perelman as well.


Perelman Center Achieves Silver LEED Certification

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