Katherine Major Penn Medicine Academy's Emerging Leaders Program identifies managers and supervisors who exhibit strong performance and potential and provides them with information and learning opportunities to enhance their leadership skills and prepare them for broader leadership roles within Penn Medicine.

The year-long program selects Emerging Leaders through Penn Medicine’s Talent Dialogues. Currently, 58 Emerging Leaders from across Penn Medicine are participating in the program.

The Emerging Leadership curriculum combines a unique format of bi-monthly, half-day classroom courses to transfer specific knowledge and leadership skills with monthly virtual discussions. The small cohort groups of six to eight participants explore the practical application of leadership principles to each participant’s unique work challenges. A business case for discussion supplements the virtual cohort sessions. Carefully selected leadership readings provide additional material for cohort discussions.

Topics for this year’s program are:

  • Building Personal Resiliency
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback: A Critical Leadership Practice
  • Performance Management – Holding Others Accountable
  • Commanding Presence
  • Valuing Differences and Increasing Diversity
  • Storytelling and Building Positive Communication Skills

Participants benefit from cohort groups because they provide a chance to network with other emerging leaders from across Penn Medicine.  Much of the discussion outside of class focuses on applying learned leadership practices to the actual workplace.  Although the initial design was to meet through a conference call, several participants have chosen to raise the bar and meet in person. 

Katherine Major, Nurse Manager of the PICC Team/Moderate Sedation & Transition Unit at HUP (photographed above), is participating in this year’s program. “The Emerging Leaders Program is helping me to further develop my clinical and leadership skills. These skills are required to lead my organization in the next step of the journey toward excellence in patient care,” she said. “Through the program I am hoping to have the opportunity to seek advice from my peers, learn new techniques for dealing with complex problems and to bring clarity to my role as a leader in the delivery of health care.” 

As health-care consumers become more discerning, accountability for service excellence falls to the front line caregivers. “The Emerging Leaders Program provides me with a chance to hone my skills in coaching, motivating and leading a professional team to ensure safe, effective, world-class patient care is provided.” 
The program is slated to repeat on an annual basis as we continue to prepare our leaders for larger and broader roles in the organization.  
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