FruitHealth literacy hasbeen called the first public health crisis of the 21st century. According tothe Office of Disease and Health Promotion, 77 million Americans have limitedhealth literacy, affecting their ability to understand health information and tonavigate the healthcare system. This problem disproportionately affects racial andethnic minorities, new immigrants, the poor, and those with low levels ofeducation.

Health literacy – defined as theability to understand, process, and communicate health information – is thefocus of this year’s 4th annual CulturalDiversity Conference, featuring keynote speaker Victoria L. Rich, PhD, RN,FAAN, chief nurse executive, University of Pennsylvania Medical Center, andrecipient of the 2013 Prism Diversity Award. Dr. Rich will address the scope ofthe health literacy problem, describe the attributes of a health literateorganization, and provide participants with a roadmap for assessing healthliteracy within their own organizations.

“We’re in the midst of a healthcare transformation, and health literacy is a fundamental part of thatprocess,” said Rich. “As providers, it’s imperative that we acknowledge theunique culture, language and health literacy of diverse populations so that wecan help promote better health care for patients across the nation.”

New this year!

The Cultural Diversity Committee isplease to present a new interactive format for this year’s conference.Interactive sessions will include a panel presentation with a moderated Q&Aon health technology literacy and a hands-on workshop on health literacy andcultural competence using examples, case studies, and proven strategies toimprove patient-provider communication.

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