The PennProgram for Mindfulness is aMindfulness-Based Stress Management program that teaches individuals how to usemeditation as the primary tool for long-term stress management. Mindfulness meditation is taught in a completely practical way as a powerfultool to manage the physical, psychological, and behavioral symptoms of stress. 

Beginning in April:


  • Introductionto Mindfulness:  Apr 22nd  inUniversity City;  Apr 24th in Radnor, PA
    These 2-hour workshops will give you an overview of mindfulnessand how it could potentially improve your health, happiness and quality of lifeas you reduce stress.  
  • Foundation Stress Management Program: 8-weekcourses starting week of Apr 29th - 12 Classes in 10 Locations in PA& NJ
    This highly-acclaimed 8-week program course will teach you avariety of meditation techniques to help you to cultivate relaxation, clarityand stillness in your day-to-day life.  You will learn to recognize yourunique reactions to stress, to find more effective ways to respond to stressfulsituations, and discover how to use your own inner resources to find greaterhealth and well being.  Eight2-½ hour weekly classes and one full day Saturdayor Sunday session.  (CE Credits available)
  • Mindfulness Meditation & MovementLearn how to apply mindfulness meditation to thetangible experience of physical sensation during movement. Movement willbe followed by sitting meditation. Open to the public, no experience required.

    AdvancedPrograms (Experience Recommended)

    • OneDay RetreatsOur advanced weekend programs for 8-week foundation coursegraduates, explore a variety of topics and are designed to deepen your abilityto apply mindfulness to life. 


    • May10: 2nd Annual Living from the Heart Award: an Evening Honoring SharonSalzberg. The PennProgram for Mindfulness will honor Sharon Salzberg with its 2nd annual Livingfrom the Heart award. We bestow this award on individuals who have paved theway for mindfulness practices to take root in our culture. Please join us as wecelebrate the many ways that Sharon has helped to make a difference in ourworld.  Sharon will give a brief talk about mindfulness and lead us in aguided meditation.
    • May11: Meditation: Tools for Awakening Courage, Faith and Compassion. This workshop focuses on the practical tools that help us gobeyond our constricting habitual patterns, such as fear and denial. Awakeningthe inner capacities we all have, meditation allows us to transform ourworldview from one of isolation and confusion to one of connection, clarity andcompassion. Especially in times of uncertainty, meditation opens us to thepower of faith and courage based on seeing things just as they are.
    • LearningFrom Mindfulness: This half day retreat foreducators, counselors and school personnel will teach practices to rest,refresh and renew, including:  mindful breathing, walking, eating, andtotal body relaxation. There will also be a short talk on mindfulness practicesfor youth, and the opportunity to share and learn from each other’s insightsand experiences.
    • MindfulMe!4-part series for teens that teaches tools to reduce stress,worry, and anxiety, while increasing feelings of well-being. Teens will learnhighly effective mindfulness techniques that can be used in and out of schoolto address the many stresses teens face. If you are or know a high-schoolstudent looking for positive ways to “chill out”, this program is for you!

    ForHealthcare Professionals

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