April 15– April 28

Open Enrollment is just around the corner. Now is the timeto understand the benefits available to you and what’s changing. We are alsoplacing a renewed spotlight on your health through our Wellfocused Healthy Rewards program!

Earned Premium Discount Extended to Covered Dependents (ages18-26) - This Year is an Active Enrollment…You Must Take Action!

To earn the premium discount this year, alldependents covered under a medical plan (ages 18-26) must be a non-tobacco useror enrolled in a tobacco cessation program by June 30, 2013.  To receivethe earned premium discount you MUST certify to your tobacco use AND then electthe tobacco user or non-user medical contribution.  If you do not make anactive election, you will default to the same benefits you had last year;however, the earned premium discount will not be applied and youwill pay higher medical contributions of $25.00 per pay/$650 a year.

Quit TobaccoUse with the Help of Health Advocate

Enroll in Health Advocate’s FREE tobaccocessation program to set up your own plan to quit smoking or stop using othertobacco products with the help of a trained coach. This program allows you andyour covered dependents 13 weeks of counseling, FREE nicotine replacementtherapy (NRT) (patch, gum, lozenge), and a $0 copay for over-the- counter NRTand prescription smoking cessation medications. If you are a tobacco user, you must enroll in the UPHS tobaccocessation program by June 30, 2013 to receive the earned premium discount onyour 2013 – 2014 medical contributions! Call 866-695-8622 to enroll.

It Pays to “KnowYour Numbers” — It’s FREE and May Save Your Life!

There is power in knowing yournumbers (glucose, cholesterol – total, HDL, LDL, blood pressure and Body MassIndex – BMI). These numbers are important indicators of your health. When theyare out of the normal range, it’s a signal that you could have a higher risk ofdeveloping certain diseases and conditions. UPHS medical plans cover preventivecare like annual physicals and biometric screenings at 100%.  Takeaction! If you haven’t done so recently, make an appointment today and knowwhere you stand when it comes to your health.

Earn a$150 Healthy Credit & Participate in the NEW WellFocused Healthy RewardsProgram

WellFocused has several new programs thatreward you for taking steps towards improving your health and well-beingbecause the healthier you are, the more you can enjoy life and do your best.You can earn a $150 Healthy Reward Credit when you complete the onlineWell-Being Assessment, Know Your Numbers (blood sugar, cholesterol– total, HDL,and LDL, blood pressure and  BMI), haveyour biometric numbers fall within healthy ranges, and/or take healthy actionsthrough a new and expanded Wellfocusedonline platform.  The new platform willbe accessible through the HR & You Website www.uphshrandyou.com beginning April 15, 2013.

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