HUP Security officer Kristi Argeros received the following thank-you from Stacey Getchis, the mom of patient Ryder, who received treatment at Penn’s Proton Therapy Center.

“Kristi is an angel. My son looked forward to her friendly smile every single day for 5 weeks. And she's still sending him encouraging messages and gifts. She saw us sitting in proton we one day for hours and hours and ran on her break and got us drinks and food even though we told her we were fine. She cried with us when my son rang the bell [signifying the end of his treatment]. Ryder is a 10-year-old brain tumor survivor!!! We are treated at Hershey but came to HUP/CHOP for proton on the train from Lancaster every day. Walking in that back door seeing Kristi made our day. Even when she was on duty upstairs she would see us and yell ‘Hey guys!!!’ with that huge infectious smile of hers.”

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