“To the staff of the Emergency Department— I wanted to let everyone that has ever helped me know that I can’t thank them enough. From the waiting room and security staff who are so kind and patient. They handle themselves very respectfully and calmly (even when faced with rudeness). The nurses who took vitals were very friendly and listened to each concern (as opposed to experiences in other EDs where I did not feel they listened to my concerns). The cleaning staff, the transport staff, and the nursing staff for doing an amazing job and for your warm, loving, and caring nature. The moment I walk through the ED doors, I am always greeted with smiles and asked if I need anything from warm blankets and extra pillows to more ice. Any of my concerns are always addressed and my questions never go unanswered. By you being so kind, it really helps make being in the hospital bearable.

To the ED doctors, thank you for doing all that you possibly can to make my chronic pain better. I have gotten some amazing advice and ideas from you. Having chronic pain has been tiring, frustrating, and disheartening, however (your helpful advice) has helped me live a somewhat normal life. Penn doctors have given me hope when my original doctors basically gave me a life sentence. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being there.”

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