“I want to tell you what a wonderful experience my mother is having on 14 Founders. . She came in emergently from a skilled nursing facility where she was overmedicated, on oxygen which she never was in her life, constipated to the point that her belly was very distended, and in a great deal of pain physically and emotionally.  Mom broke 4 of her pelvic bones two weeks ago.   She was independent and healthy and active until her fall [which] has thrown her into a tailspin and a pretty deep depression.   

Her  nurses [Jamie Acero, Alex Brooks, Diana Santangelo]  along with the CNA’s have been the most awesome, caring, intelligent, warm, compassionate people that I have ever met.   My mother is smiling and talking again and eating again as well, for the first time since her fall.  Diana changed mom’s goals to ones that were more manageable and achievable which seems small but when you are stuck in bed it made my mom’s day to reach a goal.  

The nurses and other members of your team have made her feel like a whole person when they take care of her needs. The nurses NEVER make you feel like you are bothering them. Your staff has been respectful and they go above and beyond the “call of duty” to take care of the patients on their floor. I cannot say enough good things about everyone.   I also have to say that environmental services and food services have also been excellent.”

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