25-year-#7The Twenty-Five Year Club’s annual recognition event celebrated 70 new members as well as those  reaching 30, 35, 40, and 45 years of service.  “Thanks to all of your efforts, we remain strong,” said CEO Ralph Muller.  “We appreciate your continuity and we depend on your loyalty.”

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Muller touched on the many construction projects underway throughout the Health System to help keep us financially strong in the years to come.  Ongoing construction in a cost-conscious health-care environment, he said, rang true in 1988 as well, when the newest members of the 25-Year-Club started at Penn.  In a 1988 HUPdate article, C. Edward Schwartz, HUP’s executive director at the time, explained that, even during a time of cost reduction, investing in building the Founders Pavilion “will greatly improve the hospital’s ability to attract patients.”  This is a strategy that is followed today, with success.

Of course, while some things have remained the same, much has changed in the past 25 years.  In

1988, a gallon of gas cost less than a dollar and a movie ticket was $3.50. You could buy a dozen eggs for 65 cents!

The Club currently has 650 active members (those still working). Add in employees who reached at least the 25-year milestone at Penn before they retired and the total membership more than doubles! 

 “I look forward to working with you for many more years,” Muller said. 

Congratulations to the newest members in the UPHS 25-Year Club from HUP, CPUP and Corporate:

Patricia Abbott                  Thoracic Surgery

Alice Allen                          Finance

Christine Archer-Chicko      Pulmonary

Olubunmi  Ariyo                 Family Practice

Margaret  Armideo             Ob-Gyn

James Armstrong               PennSTAR - Trauma

Lynn  Barthlow                   Pathology and Lab Services

Ceasar  Bautista                Pathology and Lab Services

Andrea  Bergmann             Sleep Medicine

Caroline Betzner               Perioperative Nursing

George Bevilacqua            PennSTAR - Trauma

Sandra  Blackburn             Patient Family Services

William Blakeman             Information Technology

Michael Boldt                    Pathology and Lab Services

Michael Bond                    PennSTAR  - Trauma

Sabrina Butler-Baxter        Financial Counseling

Nancy Canale                    Perioperative Nursing

Donna   Carnrick               Anesthesia and Critical Care

Marlana Coston                 Staffing For All Seasons

Kevin Curry                      Materials Management

Martin Daniels                  Translational Research

Jennifer DeBellis               Patient Accounting

Enrico Fajardo                  Pathology and Lab Services

Denise  Fecca                   Pharmacy

Valerie  Golden-Laws         Perioperative Services

Joyce Gonzalez                 Pathology and Lab Services

Rosemary Gordon-DiCicco   Radiology

Teresa  Groff                   Radiology

Beverly Harris                  Heart Vascular Center

John Heckman                  Finance Operations

Sandra Hickman               Women’s Health - Nursing

Lauren Hudson                 Clinical Nutrition

Rosemary Kennedy            Neuroscience Nursing

Regina King                      Surgical Nursing

Russell  Klenk                    Pathology and Lab Services

Helen Knapp                      Women’s Health - Nursing

Laura  Kotler-Klein             Patient Family Services

David London                    Pharmacy

John Long                         PennSTAR - Trauma

Michael Lynch                   Rapid Response Team

Denise Matthews               Pharmacy

Colleen Mattioni               Women’s Health - Nursing

Francis  McAndrew            Finance

James  McCans                 PennSTAR - Trauma

Tisha  McLean                  Finance

David McNewman             Materials Management

Kathleen  Mercado           Women’s Health - Nursing

Joan  Mooney                  Pathology and Lab Services

Eileen  Murray                 Finance

Delphine  Oliver              Pharmacy

Carl Petetti                    Surgical Trauma

Zina Reaves                   Pathology and Lab Services

Christine  Reustle           PennSTAR - Trauma

Roslyn  Rivers                Respiratory Therapy

Lisa Ryan                      Cardiovascular Nursing

Tonja Sharper                Finance

Rodney  Simcox              Respiratory Therapy

Margaret  Slade              Infectious Disease

Nancy  Stoner                 Clinical Nutrition

Janeen  Strozier             Ophthalmology

Jennifer Strubinger         Pathology and Lab Services

Leon Sullivan                  Radiology

Sheila Sweeney               Administration

Thomas Szybowski         Respiratory Therapy

Nelly Tajin                     Pathology and Lab Services

Lynita Thomas               Pathology and Lab Services

Rodney Tolbert               Materials Management

Colleen  Walls                 Helen O. Dickens Center

Elaine Williford               Admissions

Lynnette  Zentner           Pharmacy

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