This year’s Nurses Week Award Ceremony recognized the accomplishments of many nurses,  including HUP’s 2012-2013 Daisy Award winners and the UPHS Nursing Excellence Award winners from HUP and CPUP. 

In addition, several nurses received special recognition for going above and beyond in patient care.

Michele-OttoA Nursing GEM

Each year, Nursing Spectrum does a national search to find the most exceptional nurses in the U.S. In each region, five remarkable nurses in six specialized categories are chosen from the hundreds of nominations received. This year, Michelle Otto, RN, BSN, PCCN, of Rhoads 1, was one of them.  Otto won the regional Nursing Excellence GEM (Giving Excellence Meaning) Award in the Patient and Staff Management category in the Tri-State region. 

According to Nursing Spectrum’s site, Otto has been recognized for both her skillful orchestration of the unit without a formal management title and for her leadership by example. When asked why she hadn’t gone into a management position, Otto replied, “I really enjoy being a staff nurse.  I like taking care of patients and having that interaction with them at the bedside.”

Otto’s nomination letter described her as “one of the strongest, most effective and humblest leaders I have ever had the pleasure of working with …. We all follow Michelle Otto, not because we have to but because we all strive to be more like her.”

Otto will now go on to compete against all other regional winners in that category for the national title.

An Exceptional Leader 

Angela-PiechThe Joan Bretschneider Shared Governance Leadership Award was named to honor her dedication and leadership in creating HUP’s nursing shared governance structure.  The award is presented to an exceptional member of a shared governance council. This year’s winner was Angela Piech, BSN, of the MICU.

The nomination letter described Piech as “a model of effective communication skills who mentors her peers in their communication with patients, families, staff, and the interdisciplinary team.” She helped institute the Overnight Family Presence Policy, a program to increase patient and family satisfaction, while ensuring the safety and security for patients, families, and staff members. Piech also helped organize a ‘Nurse of the  Year’ award on her unit, developed a report tool for accepting patients from outside hospitals, and worked with several attendings to improve processes and procedures on nightshift to establish safer patient care.

“My motivation comes from my patients and all of you,” said Piech, in receiving her award.

Victoria-Rich-Award-Dulles-6Team Work Equals Patient-Centered Care 

The Victoria Rich Patient Satisfaction Award is presented to a unit that provides world-class patient care, translates research, consistently measures outcomes to evaluate patient satisfaction initiaves, demonstrates teamwork, and partners with interdisciplinary teams to address patient- satisfaction initiatives.  Dulles 6 captured the award this year. Nurse manager Mary Rogers described the unit’s award-winning strategy:

 “In our current health-care environment, nursing units are continually searching for innovative ways to improve communication with our patients. In May 2012, Dulles 6 implemented a change-of-shift report between incoming and offgoing nurses at the bedside that includes the patient in those discussion. Noting large gains in all areas of HCAHPS -- including communication with nurses, communication with physicians, and medication teaching -- we partnered with our providers, unit-based clinical pharmacist, SW/CRC, and PT/OT to begin daily interdisciplinary coordination of care rounds at the bedside.  This initiative began in November.

“We have seen significant increases in all of our HACHPS scores for the fiscal year, and patients have verbalized feeling much more connected to their care. We continue to meet as needed to make adjustments to make the rounds as meaningful as possible to all involved.”

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