Submitting the names of employees to Helping People All the Time is a great way to acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond to help patients, visitors or coworkers.  Now, you can submit forms online at  Using the Helping People All the Time website promotes more timely notification to employees -- and their supervisors – of their exceptional service.  Paper submissions will continue to be accepted at various locations through the hospital.

Congratulations to the employees below who are July’s winners of the Helping People All the Time raffle.

Susan Abramson              Rhoads 2

Curtis Ball                       Radiology

Woodrow Bowie              Patient Transport

Jessica Carter                Ravdin 9

Dominique Centanzo       Perioperative Services

Erin Coady                     Founders 10

Jason Colloton                Radiology

Julia DeMuth                  Ravdin 9

Antoinette Edwards        Radiology

Carla Fazio                     Rhoads 2

Kevin Haley                    Materials Management

Jacqueline Hoffman        Silverstein 7

Kevin Joynt                     Rhoads 2

Dawn Juliana                   Radiology

Kathleen Lipski               Perioperative Services  

Michael Long                  Radiology

Alyse Maiden                  Ravdin 9

James Mansfield              Radiology

Christine Mauger             Radiology

Christopher Mignogna    Path & Lab Medicine

Elizabeth Scaravaglione  Dulles 6

Elizabeth Shields             Radiology

Camille Stevns                 Radiology

Jennetta Stubanas            Rhoads 2

Christy Viscanti               Rhoads 5

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