Philadelphia Science Festival LogoPenn Medicine will play a starring role in the  Philadelphia Science Festival again this year. TheFestival is a citywide collaboration showcasing science and technology everyApril. This year it runs from April 19 - 28, 10 days to celebrate theregion’s strengths in science and technology, bringing together more than 100partners from academia to museums to restaurants. The Festival will include anextensive line-up of programs and exhibitions designed to inspire the nextgeneration of scientists and spark discussion among young and old. 

In particular, check out Penn’s signature event, “BigIdeas: Funding and Innovation,” which will feature researchers who’ve generatedsome of the most well-known scientific breakthroughs of our time and the rolethat federal funds continue to play in furthering innovation. To reserve yourticket, go to enter 'pennmed' under the discount code for a $10 ticket.


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