Patient-AdvocacyWinners of HUP’s annual Patient Advocacy Awards understand the importance of patient-centered care and go out of their way to make the hospital experience a positive one for patients, and their families.

The 2012 award winners came from throughout the hospital -- both clinical and nonclinical areas.  And this year, special recognition went to the owners of Classical Coffees in the Penn Tower lobby, who in their own way go above and beyond for our patients as well.

Mauri Sullivan, MSN, RN, clinical director of Medical Nursing, spoke of her aunt’s experience when she came to HUP for a bone marrow transplant. “A smile to greet her, food service bringing her what she was able to eat, patient transport talking to her as they brought her places -– every staff member made a difference,” she said.  “We have to remember that what’s routine for us might be the patient’s first time.  Every encounter matters!”

HUP executive director Garry Scheib gave thanks for “the 500 employees who stayed over during Hurricane Sandy, putting their needs behind those of our patients; the generosity of employees in Penn’s Way -- we reached 100 percent of our target -- and our focus on patient-centered care.  There are many role models in this room.  We all try to live up to you.”

“Last week [during Hurricane Sandy] was just a glimpse of what we do for our patients,” said Peter Quinn, MD, DMD, dean for Professional Services and SVP. “Today we show our true appreciation.”

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