Heartfelt-thanks Patients express their thanks to HUP employees in many ways. Some write letters. Others bring presents for staff members who helped them.  One grateful patient chose a different route.

As David Moore, administrative director of Respiratory Therapy, explained, “A patient on Rhoads 5 wasn’t progressing well so Huey Pigford suggested he use a coughalator, which helps bring up a patient’s secretion” and it worked well. The one glitch was that HUP had only one, which was also being used for another patient in Silverstein. “We were bringing it back and forth between the two patient units,” Moore said.

The coughalator helped the patient so much that, after being discharged, he purchased a coughalator to use at home … and one for HUP as well. “It’s been a life saver for me,” the patient said, adding that when he presented the gift to the Respiratory Care staff, “their eyes lit up!”

“It’s great … we really appreciate it,” Moore said. “And it will help so many patients.”

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