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Bladder and Pelvic Floor Health Questions & Answers

When I stand up, urine just leaks out and I cannot control it. How should I proceed?

This is a common and very frustrating urinary symptom, but there are treatments for this problem. Sometimes this can happen because of a bladder spasm, but sometimes it's related to the muscles in the abdominal wall contracting as you stand up. It could also mean that the sphincter muscle sitting at the top of the urethra is weakened and unable to help hold in the urine. Treatments for this problem may include medication, a quick office procedure or outpatient surgery depending on what your diagnosis is.

Your next step should be to schedule an appointment with a urogynecologist to further discuss this problem, which will likely lead to bladder testing and a review of your treatment options.

I would like to find a doctor close to my home who can perform the da Vinci® robotic surgery for bladder prolapse. Thank you.

Penn Medicine's urogynecologists offer a variety of treatment options for bladder and pelvic floor conditions, and are experts in using robotic surgery to treat pelvic organ prolapse. You can find a list of Penn Urogynecology specialists and locations here. Thank you for your inquiry, and we wish you the best of luck.

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