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Adding Another Layer of Safety to Your Travel

Most Common Health Risks

Penn Travel Medicine has more than 25 years experience in providing health and safety resources to international travelers. Headed by a medical team that specializes in travel medicine and tropical diseases, the team provides services for international travelers, including guidelines for adapting to climate and altitude changes, health and political warnings for your targeted destination, important contact numbers, information on emergency evacuation, information on travel during pregnancy and/or other medical conditions and required and recommended vaccinations and medications.

Quick Facts and Stats

  • Hepatitis A is the most common vaccine-preventable disease in travelers. (Ryan, Edward T. and Kain, Kevin C., "Health Advice and Immunization for Travelers," The New England Journal of Medicine, June 8, 2000 pp. 1716-1725)
  • 30 percent of people infected with Hepatitis B show no symptoms (CDC).

Important Reminders

  • Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) is a recent serious respiratory illness that has reached epidemic proportions in certain parts of Asia and in Toronto, Canada. There is no preventive treatment for SARS. The CDC recommends frequent hand washing and avoidance of crowded areas in SARS-affected regions.
  • Tetanus bacteria are found in soil all over the world, and can enter your body even through minor wounds that do not require medical attention. A tetanus booster is needed once every 10 years.

Information and Services

Forms, Instructions and Guides

Find travel medicine forms, instructions and guides to help you prepare for your travel.

Immunization Clinic

Penn Medicine's International Travel Medicine and Immunization Clinic helps travelers prepare for their trips abroad and treats them post-travel for any illness acquired.

Learn About Travel and Medicine

Learn about the services we provide, and how a travel health expert can help you with your trip.

Most Common Health Risks

Learn about the common health risks you face when traveling outside of the country, and how Penn can help.


View a list of Penn Medicine physicians who can prepare you for your travel abroad or treat you for illnesses related to travel.

Tips and Reminders

Find all the latest tips and reminders to help you stay healthy during your travel outside of the U.S..
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