Pancreas transplantation is the most complete treatment currently available to maintain blood sugar control for patients with type 1 diabetes. While not as common as the transplant of other organs, pancreas transplant offers patients the potential for an insulin-free life.

Islets are a group of cells that produce insulin and are found primarily in the pancreas. These insulin-producing cells are destroyed by type 1 diabetes. Islet cell transplantation is an experimental procedure that transplants islets cells from a donor pancreas into the liver of patients with type 1 diabetes. If the transplant is successful, the new islets begin producing insulin.

Penn Transplant Institute is one of the leading transplant centers in the world researching islet cell transplantation. As a member of the Clinical Islet Transplantation Consortium funded by the National Institutes of Health, we offer a number of clinical trials for islet transplantation.

There are several options for pancreas transplant including: simultaneous kidney and pancreas transplant (SPK), pancreas after kidney transplant (PAK) and pancreas alone transplant (PAT).

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Treatment Teams

Penn Medicine's pancreas transplant program is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of specialists who manage patient care from the evaluation visit through the transplant procedure and postoperative care. 

Treatments and Procedures

Understand the process and review the treatments and procedures for a pancreas transplantation.

Events Calendar

View upcoming events of the Pancreas Transplant Program.

Penn Difference

Penn Medicine's pancreas and islet cell transplant programs are leading health care beyond the limits of conventional medicine by offering patients more options to improve their lives every day. Patients who choose Penn for their transplant have access to the most advanced care available.

Clinical Trials

As an experienced transplant center in an academic setting, Penn Transplant Institute is committed to finding new and better treatments for transplant patients. Our research and clinical trials program includes studies for pancreatic conditions.

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