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Preparing for Breast Reconstruction

Following all pre-operative instructions and adhering to a healthy diet are important steps to take before surgery.

Because the effects are unique, the results of breast reconstruction are not uniform. Preparing emotionally for the possibility that several surgeries may be necessary is a helpful step toward reaching desired goals.

Recovery After Breast Reconstruction

You can expect to stay in the hospital for four to five days after breast reconstruction surgery.

Women who have received breast implants most often experience discomfort for about a week, and two or three days of tenderness.

In the case of autologous tissue transfer, discomfort around the breasts and from the area where the tissue was removed last for approximately two to three weeks.

Risks and Outcomes

Every type of surgery has risks. You can help prevent complications by carefully following all pre- and post-surgery instructions. Our plastic surgeons will review all the potential risks and side effects with you.

Learn about nipple tattooing, another component of the breast reconstruction process.
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