A surrogacy option available for people who cannot conceive or carry a baby

Gestational carriers are an option available to patients who cannot conceive or carry a baby. Gestational carriers carry a baby through the pregnancy for another person. They are often a close friend or relative of the patient, or have been selected by the patient with the assistance of a lawyer or gestational carrier agency. 

In vitro fertilization is used to facilitate the pregnancy and can be done with the patient's eggs, sperm with donor eggs, donor embryos, or donor sperm. The carrier's assistance is limited to the reproductive process and does not involve raising the child.

While Penn Fertility Care does not provide gestational carriers, we have extensive experience working with patients who are in need of a gestational carrier. We provide in vitro fertilization, egg donation and donor embryo services. We also closely with agencies, legal experts and psychosocial counselors to accommodate your needs. 

Assisted reproduction involving a third party requires additional considerations including medical, financial and legal issues. It may not be a traditional method to have a baby, but gestational carrier services have helped to build families around the world.

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