Penn Fertility Care is able to provide frozen donor eggs to women interested in pursuing IVF with donor eggs.

What is Frozen Egg Donation?

Already retrieved, frozen donor eggs are often used for egg donation.

Pregnancy via frozen eggs is possible because of the dramatic improvement in egg freezing technology. Methods of rapid freezing called vitrification are now used effectively to freeze eggs. Several large studies have been conducted using frozen donor eggs and indicate that pregnancy rates are no different when fresh or frozen eggs are used.

What are the Advantages of Using Frozen Eggs?

Compared to fresh egg donation cycles, woman can proceed more quickly through the implantation process because donor and recipient cycles do not need to be coordinated when frozen eggs are used. There is more flexibility in timing the ovulation cycle so that it can be completed at a convenient time for the woman receiving the eggs. The cost of a frozen egg cycle is considerably less than a fresh egg donation cycle because eggs from one donor may be used by more than one recipient.

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