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Clarisa Gracia, MD, Director of the Fertility Preservation Program, speaks about women diagnosed with cancer and techniques available at Penn Medicine to preserve their fertility.

Today, many patients who survive cancer can expect to live normal and productive lives. For some, returning to a "normal" life includes having children.

However, cancer treatment can potentially cause infertility or problems with reproductive organs due to the effects of medical, radiologic or surgical treatments used to combat the cancer.

We have pioneered and remain on the leading edge of fertility preservation options for patients who have become infertile because of the effects of cancer.

Whether you have just been diagnosed with cancer or are now cancer free, we will work with you to develop a treatment plan so that you can have a family in the future.

Learn more about our available fertility preservation options.

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Financial Assistance

Penn Fertility Care provides financial assistance to those who have been affected by cancer and are interested in fertility preservation.

News and Research

Penn Fertility Care participates in research and clinical trials to provide better reproductive and fertility preservation options for those affected by cancer.

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