If pain from arthritis or injury is slowing you down or keeping you from activities you love, stop right now. Pain doesn’t have to rule your life. 

As orthopaedic experts dedicated to advancing treatments for joint pain, we know that better than most. Our highly experienced orthopaedic team successfully completes more than 3,000 joint procedures a year—and we hear from our patients all the time how drastically their lives have changed as a result. Patients who thought they’d never be able to play with their grandkids. Patients who assumed they’d never run again. Patients whose pain made them feel too depressed to do the things they love.

The Penn Orthopaedics team makes our nationally ranked medical center feel like a small community, focused on you. And they use the most advanced technology and facilities to personalize your care.

So while the prospect of orthopaedic surgery can feel daunting, don’t let fear get the best of you. Advances in techniques—from minimally invasive surgery to computer-assisted procedures—enable you to return faster than ever to your favorite activities, while technologically advanced materials will keep you going for the long haul.

Pick the spot on your body where you're experiencing pain, and learn about the treatments and procedures - both surgical and nonsurgical - that may be right for you.

In This Section

Back and Neck

At Penn Medicine, we treat a wide range of back and neck pain due to arthritis, spinal cord injuries, scoliosis, herniated discs and spinal deformities.

Elbow Pain

Penn orthopaedic specialists offer comprehensive surgical and non-surgical options to treat elbow pain.

Foot and Ankle

Penn orthopaedic foot and ankle specialists offer comprehensive surgical and non-surgical options to treat every type of foot and ankle condition.

Hand and Wrist

Penn Medicine’s orthopedic hand and wrist surgeons, in collaboration with plastic surgeons, use the most advanced and proven techniques to improve the lives of patients suffering from hand and wrist pain.


Hip pain can often be so debilitating that it prevents you from doing your daily activities. What causes hip pain and how can Penn Medicine help you?

Knee Pain

From your first appointment through rehabilitation, our orthopaedic team is here to serve your needs, developing a personalized treatment plan specifically for you and your knee pain.

Shoulder and Elbow

Our shoulder and elbow specialists treat people who have shoulder or elbow injuries or problems such as arthritis.

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