World’s First Robot-Assisted Spinal Surgery Performed at Penn Medicine

Neil Malhotra, MD and Bert W. O’Malley, MD, led a world-first robot-assisted spinal surgery to remove a chordoma tumor, helping to save the life of 28-year-old Noah Pernikoff.

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X-ray of world's first robotic robotic-assisted spine surgery at Penn Medicine | Photo courtesy of CBS3

Whether your discomfort is due to overuse, wear and tear or a traumatic event, Penn Spine Center specialists are here to help create a unique treatment plan designed around you from diagnosis through recovery.

The Penn Medicine Spine Center provides comprehensive clinical care and surgery for patients with spine and neck injuries or disorders. The expertise of orthopaedic spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation physicians and psychologists, combined with advanced non-surgical and surgical treatments and procedures, make Penn's Spine Service one of the most sophisticated and comprehensive programs of its kind.

We rely on conservative treatment measures whenever possible, avoiding surgery when feasible. Surgery is recommended only when non-surgical treatment cannot achieve the desired results. When surgery is needed, minimally invasive techniques are available.

The Penn Spine Center treats a wide range of spine and neck problems, including:

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The orthopaedic specialists at the Penn Spine Center are dedicated to using surgical and nonsurgical treatments for conditions that affect the spine and neck.


Recognizing that no two patients are alike – and neither are their spine and neck conditions – we create individualized patient treatment plans.

Orthopaedic Spine Treatment Team

Our team provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for spine and neck injuries and disorders.

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