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L. Scott Levin, MD, FACS, Chair of orthopaedic surgery at Penn, discusses how our team of surgeons, physical and occupational therapists and nurses work together to treat patients suffering from complex shoulder and elbow injuries.

Penn Shoulder and Elbow provides comprehensive care and surgery for patients who have shoulder or elbow injuries or conditions such as shoulder arthritis and frozen shoulder. Our orthopaedic specialists create and use the latest advances in shoulder and elbow diagnosis, treatment, surgery and rehabilitation to treat complex issues.


Penn's Shoulder and Elbow providers help patients gain mobility, increase independence and improve their quality of life. Shoulder and elbow injuries are diagnosed and treated comprehensively to help relieve shoulder and elbow pain. Care is provided by a collaborative team from diagnosis through treatment and rehabilitation.

If surgery becomes necessary, Penn Orthopaedics offers the latest shoulder and elbow surgical procedures. Surgery patients benefit from the most current, minimally invasive arthroscopic and reconstructive techniques. Arthroscopic surgery results in less scarring, a shorter hospital stay and a faster recovery. When needed, Penn also provides patients with technological innovations in materials, design, and insertion of prostheses.

After surgery, Penn Shoulder and Elbow offers rehabilitation programs that provide patients with a comprehensive, convenient approach to recovery. Physical therapy providers design individualized plans to help every patient resume normal activities as quickly and safely as possible.

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Our team is dedicated to treating every condition that affects the shoulder and elbow.


Our team offers the latest advancements in shoulder and elbow procedures. 

Shoulder and Elbow Treatment Team

Our team provides diagnosis and treatment of shoulder and elbow injuries and conditions. 

Patient Resources

Guides and resources about what to expect before, during and after your procedure.

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