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Our team of expert orthopaedic specialists offers second opinions to any patient who has received an orthopaedic diagnosis.

man holding hand in pain The hand and wrist are made up of 27 different bones, plus many muscles, ligaments, tendons and tissues that allow you to make a wide range of movements. These movements include gross motor activities, such as lifting a basket of laundry or shaking a hand, and fine motor activities, such as pinching, buttoning buttons, writing or pulling up zippers.

All of these activities require specific movements and coordination within the hand. It is a constant complex interaction between the nerves, muscles and tendons. Because the hand is so integral to your day-to-day activities, it's important to see a hand and wrist specialist if you feel any pain, experience an injury or have any coordination issues.

One-of-a-Kind Hand and Wrist Program in Philadelphia

Penn Medicine offers a unique hand and wrist program that combines the expertise of orthopaedic and plastic surgeons. By fully integrating both specialties at one location, the Penn Integrated Hand Program provides patients with complete and holistic care for their hand injuries.

Plastic surgeons have specialized training to treat soft tissue injuries of the hand and wrist and to perform microsurgery, while orthopaedic hand surgeons have expertise in treating fractures and other conditions that affect the bones. Both specialties have the expertise to treat many other hand and wrist conditions, such as carpal instability, and to perform wrist arthroscopy.

Treatments for Hand and Wrist Pain

If you are experiencing hand or wrist pain, the Integrated Hand Program Team will review your case and develop an integrated plan for treatment and recovery. Our surgeons work together every day and specialize in every type of hand and wrist procedure, including:

If you have a bad injury and require fracture care or complex plastic surgery, you'll have immediate access to the various experts who can heal your hand and wrist. With all specialists available in one location, the Integrated Hand Program eliminates the need to have multiple appointments to see the different specialists needed for your injury.

Conditions that Cause Hand and Wrist Pain

When pain in your hand and wrist strikes, gross and fine motor activities may become difficult to perform. Pain can stem from nerve damage, inflammation around the joints, sprains or a medical condition.

Some of the most common causes of hand and wrist pain include:

In This Section

Carpal Tunnel Treatment and Surgery

The Integrated Hand Program at Penn Medicine offers expert non-surgical and surgical treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome. We perform hundreds of carpal tunnel release surgeries each year.

Treatments for Tendon Injury in Hand and Wrist

Any injury to the main tendons of the hand and wrist requires the expert care of the Penn Integrated Hand Program to avoid further damage and pain.

Arthritis in Hand and Wrist Treatment

Arthritis pain in the hand and wrist can prevent you from enjoying life. The experts at the Penn Integrated Hand Program specialize in every type of arthritis and will recommend a treatment for your specific case.

Treating Ganglion Cysts in Hand and Wrist

Ganglion cysts are benign lumps that can be located on the hand and wrist. The key to removing them entirely is to remove the stalk. Talk to a Penn Integrated Hand Program surgeon for a full evaluation and treatment options.

Hand and Wrist Fracture Treatment

If you have a hand and or wrist fracture, it’s essential to seek proper treatment for full recovery. This requires the expertise of orthopaedic surgeons, plastic surgeons and hand therapists — all specialists available in one location at Penn.

Hand Reconstruction Surgery

Hand reconstruction requires a highly experienced team of experts who can treat injuries to the tissue, tendons, muscle and nerves of the hand. Learn how the Penn Integrated Hand Program can restore the function and appearance of your hand.

Hand and Wrist Program Specialists

Meet the team of experts who specialize in hand and wrist pain treatment

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