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Serving the Health Care
Needs of Employees

Occupational Medicine for the region's employers.

The University of Pennsylvania Health System offers comprehensive occupational medicine services for area businesses. Our program addresses health conditions caused or worsened by the workplace environment. Our environmental assessment and occupational medicine programs include health promotion, hazard analysis and surveillance of workplace environment. We are prepared to respond to employers' needs, and we understand the sensitive nature of many workplace health issues. Our occupational medicine services are located at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

We offer a range of services for managing and monitoring the health of employees, including:

Managed Workers' Compensation Program

Many employers have a pressing need to lower their workers' compensation costs. An effective managed workers' compensation program can reduce these costs by 40 percent or more. Penn's Managed Workers' Compensation Program delivers improved clinical and functional outcomes as quickly as possible by coordinating all aspects of care for an injured worker.

Services include:

  • Thorough injury assessment and diagnosis by physicians and nurse practitioners specially trained in occupational health
  • Complete injury management for work-related injuries, illnesses and exposures
  • Case management to follow each patient through his or her treatment plan, monitor improvement and provide timely feedback to employers regarding the employee's status
  • Recommendations for an injured employee's capabilities for light duty
  • Body fluid exposure and needle stick instructions

Preventive Medicine

Prevention programs can help keep employees healthy and can monitor their medical needs. Health promotion and prevention programs include:

  • Annual influenza shots to reduce lost time and wages due to seasonal illness.
  • Hepatitis B immunizations to assist employers in meeting their blood-borne pathogen standard requirements.
  • Various wellness programs to promote employee health.

For immunization records, fill out this records request form and fax it to 215-349-5100 or bring it to Occupational Medicine.

Surveillance for Occupational Health Concerns

We offer surveillance for tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, rabies and a variety of other infectious diseases. Our Occupational Medicine specialists have a sophisticated database to monitor changes in employees' health profiles in order to provide appropriate treatment and preventive care.

Environmental Consultative Services

Occupational Medicine can provide consultative services to reduce employment hazards and prevent workplace injuries. We are able to educate and consult with employers in such areas as safety, ergonomic work environments and good body mechanics for job duties. We also can provide employers with important information regarding trends in hazards for particular industries and the latest health care efforts to prepare for and manage these situations.

Drug Screening

Occupational Medicine is piloting drug screening for new physicians. Please contact us directly at 215-662-2367.

For More Information

For more information on any of these services, contact Tim McInnes, MHA, Practice Administrator at

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