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Serving the Health Care
Needs of Employees

Occupational Medicine for the region's employers and employees.

The Penn Medicine Occupational Medicine/Employee Health Clinics offer comprehensive Occupational Medicine services. Our clients include Penn Medicine employees, University of Pennsylvania employees, multiple employers in the Tristate area, and private patients and organizations who seek our environmental and occupational medicine consultative services.

We have an effective Managed Workers' Compensation program that has been proven to control employer costs and promote employee wellness and return to work outcomes. We are prepared to respond to employee’s individual needs and understand the sensitive nature of many workplace health issues. 

We have several locations throughout the region: The Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania (HUP), 3600 Civic Center Boulevard (CCB), Penn Presbyterian Medical Center (PPMC) , Pennsylvania Hospital (PAH), Chester County HospitalLancaster General Health and Princeton Medical Center.

We offer a range of services for managing and monitoring the health of employees.

Managed Workers' Compensation Program

Many employers have a pressing need to lower their workers' compensation costs. An effective managed workers' compensation program can reduce these costs by 40 percent or more. Penn's Managed Workers' Compensation Program delivers improved clinical and functional outcomes as quickly as possible by coordinating all aspects of care for an injured worker.

Services include:

  • Thorough injury assessment and diagnosis by physicians and nurse practitioners specially trained in occupational health
  • Complete injury management for work-related injuries, illnesses and exposures
  • Case management to follow each patient through his or her treatment plan, monitor improvement and provide timely feedback to employers regarding the employee's status
  • Recommendations for an injured employee's capabilities for light duty
  • Body fluid exposure and needle stick instructions

Preventive Medicine Program

Prevention programs can help keep employees healthy and can monitor their medical needs. Health promotion and prevention programs include:

  • Annual influenza shots to reduce lost time and wages due to seasonal illness.
  • Hepatitis B immunizations to assist employers in meeting their blood-borne pathogen standard requirements.
  • Various wellness programs to promote employee health.

For immunization records, please access your myPennMedicine account.

Surveillance for Occupational Health Concerns

We offer surveillance for tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, rabies and a variety of other infectious diseases. Our Occupational Medicine specialists have a sophisticated database to monitor changes in employees' health profiles in order to provide appropriate treatment and preventive care.

Environmental Consultative Services

Occupational Medicine can provide consultative services to reduce employment hazards and prevent workplace injuries. We are able to educate and consult with employers in such areas as safety, ergonomic work environments and good body mechanics for job duties. We also can provide employers with important information regarding trends in hazards for particular industries and the latest health care efforts to prepare for and manage these situations.

Drug Screening Services for Corporate Clients

Occupational Medicine offers drug screening services for select clients.

Occupational Medicine Residency

The University of Pennsylvania Occupational and Environmental Medicine (OEM) Residency Program in existence since 1999 is a unique, innovative, train-in-place program, with 150 graduates to date who comprise ~ 8% of the new American Board of Preventive Medicine diplomates over the past decade.

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For more information on any of these services, contact Tim McInnes, MHA, Practice Administrator at

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Occupational Medicine provides services and treatment programs for work-related injuries and illnesses.

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