The Penn Neurovascular Center is a nationally recognized primary referral center for the treatment of neurovascular disorders. A specialized team of neurosurgeons, neurologists, diagnostic and interventional neuroradiologists, neurointensivists and neuroanesthesiologists provides highly specialized care from diagnosis to treatment to outpatient consultations.

Penn's neurovascular specialists perform a high volume of procedures each year involving the most complex neurological disorders. Our surgeons have access to the latest technologies; perform the most advanced techniques, and collaborate on cutting-edge research that enables Penn to give patients the best care possible. Our specialists meet regularly to discuss each patient’s case and to develop a treatment plan based on individual needs. Whenever possible, our surgeons choose minimally-invasive surgery. However, our dual-trained endovascular surgeons will perform open surgery when other methods are not possible.

Penn Neurovascular Center is a high volume referral center for a wide variety of vascular disorders. We work closely with referring physicians and provide a rapid and thorough evaluation of all patients referred with neurovascular disorders.

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The Penn Neurovascular Center treats all conditions affecting the vascular system from aneurysms to intracranial stenosis to cavernous malformations and Moyamoya disease.

Diagnosis and Evaluation

Penn neurosurgeons are able to diagnose and evaluate neurovascular disease using the latest, advanced diagnostic imaging technologies available at Penn.

Neurovascular Team

The Penn Neurovascular Surgery team is comprised of several specialties offering our patients the very best in comprehensive care.

Treatments and Procedures

The Penn Neurovascular Center offers a full range of treatment options for cerebrovascular disease from microsurgical techniques to minimally-invasive endovascular procedures.

Patient Story

Penn endovascular specialists work together to save lives. Read Clifton's story and how Penn was able to remove a large blood clot blocking a main artery before severe damage occurred to his brain.

Cavernous Malformation Center

Penn Medicine is home to one of the country’s few dedicated centers for patients with cavernous malformations.

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