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Vaccine Scheduling Update: We’re experiencing very high call volumes from people interested in getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Currently, our vaccine supply is very small, and we are unable to accept phone calls to schedule vaccine appointments. Please check back here for updates.

Virtual Second Opinions

Through Penn Neurosurgery's Remote Second Opinion Program, our experienced team of neurosurgeons now offers remote second opinions to any patient who has received a brain or spine diagnosis. Patients will receive an expedited appointment with an expert neurosurgeon at a convenient time and location for them.

Our highly qualified and experienced neurosurgeons are the region's best when it comes to treating conditions of the brain, spine or central nervous system. We provide timely and expert remote second opinions for all neurological conditions. If you would like to request a second opinion:

  • Please call 267-240-0593 or fill out our online form
  • A neurosurgery coordinator will return your call within 24-48 hours, who will answer any questions and schedule you with a Penn neurosurgery expert
  • You will be provided with instructions to upload medical records and/or imaging
  • You will be scheduled to speak with a Penn neurosurgeon within 48 hours

Second Opinions for Brain and Spine Conditions

At Penn Neurosurgery, we understand that receiving a diagnosis that requires brain or spinal surgery is frightening. You're faced with making difficult decisions about your treatment plan and want to know that you are receiving the best care possible.

Receiving a second opinion about your diagnosis and treatment plan is invaluable and can provide peace of mind in determining the best plan for you. Seeking the expertise of world-class neurosurgeons is often a crucial part of making a decision about your treatment plan.

Our program can provide second opinions for a wide range of neurosurgical conditions, including:

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