At Penn Neurology, we diagnose and treat the full spectrum of basic and complex neurological disorders. When you choose Penn for general neurology care, you have access to related subspecialists who work together using a multidisciplinary approach. Our clinicians work one-on-one with patients to reach an accurate diagnosis and create individualized treatment plans with the goal of achieving the highest quality of life possible.

Common Symptoms of Neurological Disorders

Penn neurologists evaluate and address a variety of symptoms that may be caused by a neurological condition including:

• Amyloid Neuropathy
• Amyloidosis
• Dizziness
• Fainting
• Memory problems/ confusion
• Physical impairments/ limb weakness/ problems walking
• Sensory problems (tingling, pain, numbness)
• Seizures
• Sleep problems
• Slurred speech/ speech problems/ difficulty remembering words
• Vision changes

Diagnosing Neurological Disorders

Penn Neurology offers extensive neurodiagnostic techniques and the most advanced imaging technology to diagnose and treat neurological disorders. Our diagnostic services include:

• Angiography
• Biopsies (nerve and skin for neurologic disorders)
• CT scan
• Electroencephalography (EEG)
• Electromyography (EMG)
• Evoked potential tests
• Lab tests
• Blood tests
• Paraneoplastic antibody screening
• Toxicology screening
• Urinalysis
• Neuropsychological testing
• Positron emission tomography (PET)
• Single photon-emission computed tomography (SPECT)
• Spinal taps (lumbar puncture)

Neurological disorders diagnosed within general neurology may be referred to physicians at Penn Neurology who specialize in:

Memory and dementia
Movement disorders
Multiple sclerosis
Neuromuscular disorders
Seizures and epilepsy
Sleep disorders

Along with working closely with other clinical services within the neurology department, we collaborate with departments across the health system, including:

Neurocritical care

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