About the Center

Physicians at Penn Medicine began treating lymphatic disorders over 20 years ago with the help of interventional radiologist and pioneer Dr. Constantin Cope, who introduced the thoracic duct embolization procedure. Since then, expert Penn Interventional Radiologists have continued to develop advanced imaging and interventional technologies that map out the anatomy and flow of the lymphatic system. Innovation and collaboration enable our surgeons and physicians to treat conditions previously considered untreatable, using minimally invasive techniques. 

Our internationally recognized program is one of only two in the nation dedicated to providing advanced care for patients with lymphatic flow disorders and conditions in adults such as:

Every week, our team reviews new, current and prior cases with interventional radiologists, nurse practitioners, case managers, plastic surgeons, pulmonologists, cardiologists, hepatologists and physical therapists.

Our patients come from all over the world, so we make a point to critically review each case on an individual basis prior to scheduling. We work closely with you and your family, as well as insurance companies and referring providers, to get you the best care possible.


Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania

Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
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