For Nurses and Advanced Practice

Though all of the entities within the health system possess their own distinct environment, each facility shares the same philosophy: a dedication to high-quality patient care and service, and advancing medicine through research and education.

Shared Governance

At Penn Medicine, nurses are given autonomy in decision-making that creates a positive impact on the quality of patient and family care. Nurses assume leadership roles enabling them to directly participate in decisions affecting their practice. Many of the best practices adopted by Penn hospitals are designed and implemented by the nursing staff. This shared governance allows nurses to assume full accountability for their practice, empowering them to initiate changes to improve the quality of patient care. 

Professional and Educational Growth Opportunities

Professional and educational growth opportunities are available to nurses looking to serve the community through a variety of rewarding career paths. In addition to working directly with patients, nurses have the opportunity to utilize their skills in other areas such as administrative leadership, research, quality improvement and clinical specialties. Nursing career opportunities are available that provide exposure to a complete spectrum of health care specialties. Extensive learning opportunities include mentoring, advanced education and the Clinical Advancement Recognition Program (CARP)

Exceptional Comprehensive Benefits

Across Penn Medicine, a dedication to ongoing professional development is evident in the extensive list of benefits including prepaid tuition assistance that is among the best in the region. Penn offers competitive salaries, paid time off, retirement and much more. Learn more about Penn’s comprehensive nursing benefits package, healthy workforce initiatives and tuition assistance program on Penn Medicine’s Career Opportunities site.

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