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Lab Members of the Center for Hereditary Retinal Degenerations


The Center for Hereditary Retinal Degenerations is a clinical facility that provides diagnostic evaluation and clinical consultation for patients with inherited forms of retinal degenerative diseases and performs research to better understand the basis and progression of these conditions.

At the Center for Hereditary Retinal Degenerations, a team of clinicians, scientists, and vision specialists perform psychophysical tests (like color vision, perimetry, dark adaptation, full-field stimulus testing), imaging tests (like OCT, autofluorescence imaging), and electrophysiological tests (like ERG and EOG) on patients in order to diagnose and monitor the progression of the retinal diseases. 

The ultimate goal is to provide treatment for these incurable disorders. At our Center for Hereditary Retinal Degenerations, there are currently ongoing and upcoming early-phase clinical trials that test the safety and efficacy of potential therapies in patients who have these diseases. 

Co-Directors and Faculty Members

Samuel G. Jacobson, MD, PhDSamuel G. Jacobson, MD, PhD

Artur CideciyanArtur V. Cideciyan, PhD

Clinical Research Staff

  • Alexander Sumaroka, PhD  Retina Structure Bioengineer
  • Alejandro J. Roman, MS  Retina Function Bioengineer
  • Malgorzata Swider, PhD  Bioengineer
  • Arun K. Krishnan, BS Optom, PhD  Vision Research Specialist 
  • Alexandra V. Garafalo, MEng  Clinical Research Administrator & Bioengineer
  • Vivian Wu, MS  Clinical Research Coordinator & Bioengineer
  • Brianna Lisi, BS  Vision Research Specialist
  • Rebecca Sheplock, BA  Clinical Research Coordinator 
  • Valeryia Aksianiuk, BA  Clinical Research Coordinator 
  • Christian Adair Powers, BA – Clinical Research Coordinator
  • Robert C. Russell, BS  Office Manager

Research Publications

Recent Publications

All Publications

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