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Emergency Medicine is an exciting, diverse, challenging, and evolving medical specialty that focuses on the acute care of patients with all types of illnesses. EM physicians deliver a wide range of services involving both pre-hospital and hospital care. In any one shift, a physician may give advice or on-site assistance to a paramedic, direct a major trauma or medical resuscitation, deliver a baby, splint a broken limb, or direct the care of an acute myocardial infarction. In addition to being skilled in a variety of procedures, EM physicians must be able to recognize serious illness in the early, often benign-appearing stages.

EM Core Clerkship

EM has become a very popular residency choice for medical students and therefore more and more competitive over the years. As a one of the required core clerkships at the medical school, EM is introduced to students early on in their career.

This three week core rotation provides a unique opportunity for students to evaluate and manage undifferentiated patients, actively participate in the resuscitation of acutely ill patients, and perform basic procedures (e.g. phlebotomy, laceration repair).

Specific information for EM 200 students on the core clerkship may be found on the EM 200 page. For further information, contact the clerkship director, Suzana Tsao, DO at

EM Sub-Internship Elective

For students considering a career in EM, a sub-internship rotation at HUP is strongly recommended. Specific information about the sub-internship may be found on the EM 308 page.

University of Pennsylvania medical students interested in scheduling a sub-intern elective in EM should sign up for the EM308 course and contact Walker Lee, MD at

Visiting students should apply for the EM308 course by sending an application through the Penn Visiting Students website. Only visiting students from US and Canadian medical schools will be considered. Any further inquiries can be made through Beth McNeely,, Registration & Visiting Student Coordinator, Jordan Medical Education Center, 6th Floor, 3400 Civic Center Blvd BLDG 421, Philadelphia, PA 19104-5162, 215-898-1168

  • EM Core Clerkship

    The Emergency Medicine Core Clerkship (EM200) is designed to introduce you to emergency medicine and all the unique opportunities and challenges associated with this specialty.

  • EM Sub Internship Elective

    This course is designed to introduce you to emergency medicine and all the unique opportunities and challenges associated with this specialty.

  • Emergency Care Policy

    Medical student opportunities offered to medical students with an interest in emergency care and health services research.

  • Ultrasound

    The Division of Ultrasound has been involved in undergraduate training for over 10 years.

  • Faculty Areas of Interest

    A list of our faculty members and the areas of clinical and research interests in the field of emergency medicine.

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