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Penn Dermatology's Clinical Studies Unit Conducts Trials for Common to Rare Dermatologic Diseases

Penn Dermatology's Clinical Studies Unit is one of the first of its kind in the nation that specializes in dermatology. The Clinical Studies Unit receives patient referrals from Penn dermatologists and clinical faculty as well as community-based dermatologists and physicians. It also receives inquiries and referrals from all over the world. Its medical director is Joel M. Gelfand, MD, MSCE. Dr. Gelfand oversees a team of highly skilled, experienced and certified research coordinators, nurses and investigators in a manner that enhances the efficiency of clinical research and optimizes the safety of the trial participants.

The Clinical Studies Unit and the Department of Dermatology offer a variety of interventional clinical trials related to both common and rare diseases ranging from acne, atopic eczema, hidradenitis, skin cancer and psoriasis to cutaneous t-cell lymphoma. Penn Dermatology conducts cutting-edge research and clinical trials on an ongoing basis and is one of the top funded research departments in the nation in National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding. In addition, the Clinical Studies Unit receives funding from the Food and Drug Administration, foundations, and pharmaceutical companies in order to conduct trials designed to advance the care of patients with skin disease.

The Penn Dermatology Clinical Studies Unit is located at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. To refer a patient, or to learn how to participate in clinical trials, contact 215-662-SKIN (7546).

Medical or pharmaceutical industry professionals interested in sponsoring or learning more about Penn Dermatology's clinical trials can contact or 215-662-2737.

Autoimmune Skin Disease Study Unit

Penn Dermatology’s Autoimmune Skin Disease Study Unit, directed by Dr. Victoria P. Werth, is actively engaged in conducting a wide range of clinical, translational and basic science studies in rare autoimmune diseases such as lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis and autoimmune blistering disorders. In collaboration with scientists and clinicians in other departments and institutions, the Autoimmune Skin Disease Study Unit is committed to conducting innovative research and training leaders in autoimmune skin diseases from among the skilled team of residents, research fellows and medical students overseen by Dr. Werth.

The Autoimmune Skin Disease Study Unit is located at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. To refer a patient or to learn more about the program and participation in a clinical trial, contact us at 215-615-2940. Pharmaceutical and other clinical and research professionals may contact Dr. Werth directly at

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