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Maryellen F Eckenhoff, PhDMaryellen F Eckenhoff, PhD, is interested in the behavioral and pathologic consequences of exposure to anesthesia and surgery, especially in the context of a brain made vulnerable by the extremes of age, or other neuropathology.

Roderic G Eckenhoff, MDRoderic G Eckenhoff, MD, is interested in the molecular underpinnings of anesthetic neurotoxicity, and serves as the chief scientific officer of the American Society of Anesthesiologists Brain Health Initiative.

Lee A Fleisher, MD, studies how healthcare providers and organizations can provide metrics and alter delivery patterns, in order to optimize patient brain health in the perioperative setting.

W Andrew Kofke, MD, uses sophisticated optical tools, in collaboration with the physics department,  to study the consequences of anesthesia, surgery and trauma on brain blood flow and oxygen extraction in humans.

Huafeng Wei, MD, PhD, focuses on calcium dysregulation as a mechanism of both anesthetic neurotoxicity as well as the neurodegeneration that underlies Alzheimer's disease.

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