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Lung Cancer Support Groups and Services

When you have lung cancer, you face many highs and lows throughout treatment. But we are here to get you through it. We offer a variety of lung cancer support groups and services aimed at helping you every step of the way.

Lung Cancer Support Services at the Abramson Cancer Center

We take a holistic approach to lung cancer care — taking care of your physical symptoms is just one piece of the puzzle. Our oncology-certified nurse navigator helps you cope with and alleviate the stressors. You receive support including practical measures like coordinating care so you can avoid extra trips to the hospital. You also benefit from:

  • Nutritional counseling and services that help you maintain an ideal weight for treatment
  • Oncology counselors who help you cope with lung cancer and the uncertainty and anxiety it often brings
  • Oncology social workers, including those who specialize in helping people with lung cancer, to assist with things like home care needs, financial problems and hospice care
  • Financial advocates who help with insurance issues and medication bills
  • Special social workers that find services and resources closer to home
  • Transportation to cancer appointments

See more of our patient and family support services

Cancer Support Groups and Programs

Our Patient and Family Caregiver Office offers a wide range of support groups and programs throughout the Philadelphia area, including:

  • Creative writing workshops: In our Writing a Life program, patients meet weekly to write poems, letters and stories. You don't need writing experience to participate. Read more about our creative writing workshops.
  • Integrative medicine program for lung cancer patients: Our integrative medicine program uses things like meditation, virtual reality, art therapy and biofeedback (a technique to control certain body functions) to help reduce stress during treatment. Being more relaxed helps your state of mind and your treatment. Being calm during imaging tests, for example, improves image accuracy. Learn more about our integrative oncology services, including massage and shiatsu therapy, reiki therapy, art therapy and yoga.
  • Proton therapy survivorship group: This patient alumni group is for patients who complete proton therapy (a highly precise radiation therapy).

Palliative Care for Lung Cancer

Palliative care can help you cope with the emotional and physical toll of a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Palliative care is not the end of the road — rather, it helps you get to your desired destination.

Our program also provides specialty care for people dealing with complicated issues caused by lung cancer, such as:

  • Constipation
  • Managing multiple medications
  • Ongoing pain
  • Trouble sleeping

We coordinate your visits with other appointments so you can avoid extra trips. Learn more about palliative care at the Abramson Cancer Center.

Medical Marijuana for Lung Cancer

Our pain team specializes in providing safe pain-relief to our patients. They can also prescribe and dispense medical marijuana when appropriate.