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Metabolomics Core

Director: Daniel Kelly, MD

The Metabolomics Core provides critically needed state-of-the-art targeted and untargeted metabolomics and lipidomics services to ACC researchers, which are extremely cost-effective compared to the out-sourcing used in the past. The Metabolomics Core: 1) provides well-validated, quantitative, targeted liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry (LC/MS) metabolomics of 127 metabolites from samples including cells, plasma, and tissues; 2) provides untargeted metabolomics and lipidomics platforms, for metabolite and lipid discovery; 3) performs LC/MS method development for custom metabolite assays tailored to individual needs; and 4) provides education and training in the use of the these technologies.


Director: Daniel Kelly, MD (

Technical Director: Christopher Petucci, PhD (