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ACC BioRepository

Director: Michael Feldman, MD, PhD

The Abramson Cancer Center BioRepository (ABR) is a shared core laboratory comprised of four integrated components that together enable the collection of tumor and normal tissue samples from surgical resections and radiology guided biopsy (supporting clinical trials), blood collections (buffy coats, serum and plasma), and liquid biopsy (ctDNA, CTC, soluble proteins and extra-cellular vesicles). This integrated Shared Resource leverages uniformity of quality across a breadth of biosamples and enhanced efficiencies gained through use of a universal consent. The tumor tissue, blood collection and liquid biopsy material collections are supported by a new prospective universal consent allowing for collection of blood and tissue (at time of surgery), patient re-contact, “omics” study of the collected biosamples, and linkage to electronic health records for outcome-related translational research. 


Director: Michael Feldman, MD, PhD (

Technical Director: Joellen Weaver (