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Healthy Picnic Recipes

a picnic basket next to an apple on a table cloth

Nothing says summer like a picnic in the park or at the beach! There are easy ways to make your favorite packed lunches a little more bariatric friendly. Try some of the suggestions below the next time you have lunch on the go.

Bean dips

Everyone loves an easy appetizer! Bring hummus or a low fat bean dip with a mix of raw veggies for dipping.

Low-calorie breads

Make a high protein sandwich on low calorie bread. When in the bread aisle look for 100 calorie bread thins. These usually look like a round, flat roll for only 100 calories! Make sure to add a lean source of protein, such a chicken or turkey, and a few veggies to make an easy and healthy sandwich.

Low-carb “pasta” salad

Pasta salad is usually a crowd favorite at picnics. Try replacing the pasta with zucchini noodles in your favorite pasta salad recipe. Zucchini noodles can be made with a commercial vegetable noodle maker or by using a veggie peeler or mandolin to make thin strips of zucchini to act as noodles.

Antipasto platter

Bringing an antipasto platter makes any picnic seem a little more exotic! Pack small take-along containers with lower sodium / lower fat meats and cheeses along with grilled vegetables of choice, such as roasted red peppers, grilled zucchini, or grilled eggplant. Top with balsamic vinegar or pile your favorites in a lettuce wrap for a low-carb Italian sandwich.

Rotisserie chicken

Packing a rotisserie chicken is an easy way to make sure you have a lean protein at your picnic. Add rotisserie chicken to a mixed veggie salad or on your low calorie bread or in a lettuce wrap for an easy sandwich.

The best part of a picnic is that you can either pack food from home or purchase foods out. Whichever you choose, make sure to incorporate lean proteins and plenty of vegetables to ensure a healthy meal wherever you are.

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