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Gift Guide for Bariatric Patients

Bariatrics patient Kathryn NaphyKathryn Naphy is a mom of two who’s maintained her 100+ weight loss since 2006, when she had weight-loss surgery with Matt Kirkland, MD, bariatric surgeon at Penn Medicine. In this blog, she shares some of her gift ideas for those who’ve had weight-loss surgery.

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The holidays are right around the corner, and chances are there’s someone on your list this year that’s had weight-loss surgery or is preparing for surgery. There are some very obvious high calorie food gifts that are a no-go for your bariatric friend but what kind of stuff do they really need? Here are some suggestions your friend or loved one will really appreciate for his or her post-op life.

  • Dishwasher-safe water bottles
  • Gift certificate for clothing-- their clothing size will be changing…a lot!
  • Gift basket with whey or soy protein powder samples
  • Complete multivitamin and mineral supplements, or a gift certificate for vitamins
  • Shaker bottle for protein shakes
  • Kitchen supplies, such as a set of measuring cups and spoons, food scale, or pre-measured food containers holding 2 – 4 oz.
  • An attractive insulated lunch box or Bento boxes for meals on the go.
  • iTunes gift card for rockin’ workout songs
  • Bariatric or low fat/low calorie cookbook
  • Get physical! Exercise is a big part of our post-op lives, so if your loved one has been eying up a some exercise equipment for the home or a gym membership or thinking about taking up a sport like tennis, maybe a gym membership or a lesson would be a welcome gift. Also consider a fitness tracker such as the Fitbit, Nikefuel band or Jawbone.

Please skip: Candy, alcohol (no alcohol is permitted for a year after surgery), holiday cookies, fruit cake, etc. It will end up going to waste or have to be re-gifted.

All in all, the focus is still on thoughtful gift giving and the above gift suggestions will be very welcome to your pal post bariatric surgery!

Happy Holidays!

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