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Educate Yourself on These Men’s Health Facts



Did you know that on average men are about half as likely to schedule an annual checkup with their primary care provider than women are?

Rather than visiting a doctor’s office for an annual checkup or asking their primary care provider about common health conditions, men are more likely to consult Dr. Google. While search engines can be helpful resources for gathering information about various conditions, they’re not always accurate. They also may be contributing to the rise in common myths about men’s health.

June is Men’s Health Month – 30 days dedicated to spreading awareness about issues and health risks that men face. It is also a helpful time to clear up some common misconceptions.

Here, Jeffrey T. Tokazewski, MD, physician at Penn Family Medicine Voorhees, helps separate fact from fiction when it comes to men’s health. Some of the questions he answers include:

  1. Will wearing a hat or using a blow-dryer make you go bald?
  2. Do men who wear briefs have fewer sperm?
  3. Do men really hit their sexual peak at the age of 18?

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