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Walter R. Witschey, PhD

Walter R. Witschey, PhD Researcher

Assistant Professor of Radiology

Dr. Witschey is employed by Penn Medicine.

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American Heart Association, International IEEE, International National Institutes of Health, National Society of Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance, National Society of Magnetic Resonance In Medicine, International

Hospital Affiliation

Dr. Witschey is employed by Penn Medicine.


Description of Research Expertise:

I am Director of the Advanced Cardiovascular Imaging Lab at the University of Pennsylvania. My expertise is theoretical and applied advanced imaging, especially magnetic resonance imaging and quantitative cardiovascular imaging. We use a multidisciplinary and translational approach, integrating techniques from electrical engineering, computer science, biology and bioengineering, to help patients with cardiovascular disease.

In 2018, we received a grant from the NIH National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute titled "Cardiac MR imaging of intramyocardial hemorrhage after reperfused myocardial infarction." The overall goal of this project is to investigate the magnetic properties of hemorrhage and develop MRI techniques with improved specificity to hemorrhage. New MRI techniques permit noninvasive assessment of the magnetic susceptibility of tissues and can target tissue iron. Therefore, we hypothesize that MRI imaging of myocardial magnetic susceptibility can map hemorrhagic myocardium. In this project, we are performing preclinical experiments in a pig model of reperfusion injury to validate these methods, compare them with conventional MR contrasts and develop MR methods for imaging live animals.

In 2015, together with our collaborators in Maternal and Fetal Medicine at Penn, we were awarded a grant from the NIH National Institute for Child Health and Human Development titled "Developing a multi-modality, paradigm shifting approach for in vivo assessment of the human placenta and the impact of maternal nutrition on its development and function". Our main objective is to design and validate new magnetic resonance imaging techniques to map placental health, especially using phase contrast (flow-sensitized) MRI and perfusion (arterial spin labeling) MRI.

Selected Publications:

Witschey WR, Contjoch F, McGarvey JR, Ferrari VA, Hansen MS, Lee ME, Takebayashi S, Aoki C, Chirinos JA, Yushkevich PA, Gorman JH 3rd, Pilla JJ, Gorman RC.: Real-time magnetic resonance imaging technique for determining left ventricle pressure-volume loops. Ann Thorac Surg 97 (5): 1597-603,2014.

Han Y, Liimatainen T, Gorman R, Witschey WRT: Assessing myocardial disease using T1rho MRI Current Cardiovascular Imaging Reports 7 (2): 65-81,2014.

Haris M, Singh A, Cai K, Kogan F, McGarvey J, DeBrosse C, Zsido GA, Witschey WRT, Koomalsingh K, Pilla JJ, Chirinos JA, Ferrari VA, Gorman JH, Hariharan H, Gorman RC, Reddy R.: A novel technique for in vivo mapping of myocardial creatine kinase metabolism. Nat Med. 20 (2): 209-214,2014.

Welz AM, Testud F, Cocosco CA, Dewdney A, Lehr H, Gallichan D, Jia F, Post H, Schmitt H, Schultz G, Weber H, Witschey WRT, Korvink J, Hennig J, Zaitsev M.: Development and characterization of an unshielded PatLoc gradient coil for human head imaging. Magn Reson Med. 43 (4): 111-25,2013.

Witschey WRT, Littin S, Cocosco CA, Gallichan D, Schultz G, Weber H, Welz A, Hennig J, Zaitsev M.: Stages: Sub-Fourier Dynamic Shim Updating Using Nonlinear Magnetic Field Phase Preparation. Magn Reson Med 71 (1): 57-66,2014.

Schultz G, Gallichan D, Weber H, Witschey WR, Honal M, Hennig J, Zaitsev M.: Image reconstruction in k-space from MR data encoded with ambiguous gradient fields. Magn Reson Med 73 (2): 857-64,2015.

Witschey WR, Zsido GA, Koomalsingh K, Kondo N, Minakawa M, Shuto T, McGarvey JR, Levack MA, Contijoch F, Pilla JJ, Gorman JH, Gorman RC: In vivo chronic myocardial infarction characterization by spin locked cardiovascular magnetic resonance. J Cardiovascular Magnetic Resonance : 37,2012.

Schultz G, Weber H, Gallichan D, Witschey W, Welz A, Cocosco C, Hennig J, Zaitsev M.: Radial imaging with multipolar magnetic encoding fields. IEEE Trans Med Imag. 30 (12): 2134-45,2011.

Ferrari VA, Witschey WR, Zhou R.: Cardiac magnetic resonance assessment of myocardial fibrosis: honing new clinical tools. Circ Cardiovasc Imaging. : 604-6,2011.

Witschey WR, Cocosco CA, Gallichan D, Schultz G, Weber H, Welz A, Hennig J, Zaitsev M.: Localization by nonlinear phase preparation and k-space trajectory design. Magnetic Resonance Med 67 (6): 1620-32,2012.

McGarvey JR, Kondo N, Takebe M. Koomalsingh KJ, Witschey WR, Barker AJ, Markl M, Takebayashi S, Shimaoka T, Gorman JH 3rd, Gorman RC, Pilla JJ.: Directed epicardial assistance in ischemic cardiomyopathy: Flow and function using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging. Ann Thorac Surg 96 (2): 577-85,2013.

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Academic Contact Info

Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine, South Pavilion
University of Pennsylvania
3400 Civic Center Blvd.
Rm. 11-155

Philadelphia, PA 19104
Phone: (215) 662-2310