Millennials are part of a movement to encourage hospitals to embrace the ways technology can make work more flexible. The combination of new tools, new demands, and programs to address longstanding inequities is driving shifts in the culture of academic medicine—for everyone.


Medical Careers for the Millennial Generation

A new generation’s changing expectations of how to balance work and life, combined with new technologies, may be shifting the culture of work in academic medicine—for everyone.


Meet the Millennial Medical Polymaths

Medicine has been long intertwined with the arts. Today’s younger physicians are embracing that connection, from anatomical drawing to podcasting.

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A Quietly Instrumental Figure

An unassuming inventor in Interventional Radiology at Penn, Constantin Cope, MD, was the creative mind behind countless tools and techniques used by medical professionals worldwide.


Funk Rock Doc-to-Be

Joseph Park, a second-year MD-PhD who trained in classical music at Juilliard, now plays in a funk rock band called Trisomy Rescue with five medical school classmates. AUDIO EXTRA: An interview with the band on how music affects their medical studies.

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    Vital Signs

    Penn Medicine unveils plans for a new, $1.5 billion inpatient facility. Penn’s electronic health record goes system-wide. Basic and translational research breakthroughs, defined. Plus honors and awards, new leaders in key Penn Medicine posts, and more.
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    Radiation Research Near and Far, Far Out

    From the inner workings of a tumor to outer space, a new radiation research room at Penn’s Abramson Cancer Center is a place with enormous potential.
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    Reason to Cheer: Match Day 2017

    Photos and video: Perelman School of Medicine students and their loved ones celebrated as they discovered where they would be spending the next three or more years of their careers at the annual Match Day ceremony.
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    Four Penn Medicine alumni recount encounters with the late Peter Nowell, MD, from correctly counting the number of human chromosomes to Phillies fandom.
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    Editor's Note

    The creative minds of the millennial generation—as Perelman School of Medicine commencement speaker Robert Wachter, MD’83 celebrated, and as the stories in this issue illustrate—are ready to take on a crucial reimagining of our digital future.
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    Development Matters

    The first months of 2017 saw engaging faculty discussions and fun evenings “on the town” in Florida and Philadelphia. In this issue, we offer a glimpse back at some of the highlights of those successful events.
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    The Path Through Penn Medicine: Meet Three Med Students Halfway Through the Journey

    In the fall of 2015, as the Perelman School of Medicine celebrated its 250th year, Penn Medicine magazine profiled nine entering medical students who each had an interesting path to medical school. We checked in with a few of these students recently as they approached the halfway point of their four years in medical school.
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