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Breast Reduction Not a Magic Fix for Weight Loss

A recent study reports that the obesity epidemic may be tied to environmental factors, such as easy access to affordable food, so it's no wonder that more people are looking for a quick fix for weight loss.

Some are able to dedicate themselves to changing their lifestyle to lose weight over time, or are able to meet the requirements to qualify for bariatric surgery. But a new trend has started emerging in an unlikely area: Penn Plastic Surgeons have encountered an influx of women looking for a breast reduction surgery as a primary tool for weight loss.

"Breast reduction surgery, along with other forms of body contouring, can be most effective after someone has lost a significant amount of weight and is at a stable point," said Josh Fosnot, MD, assistant professor in Plastic Surgery.

Some people want to start with breast reduction surgery as a first step, instead of a final step following overall weight loss which could improve their metabolic health and fitness. Physicians often tell patients to come back for body contouring at the end of a weight loss journey, as they won't operate to start.

Obesity Trend BMI by raceObesity rates are continuing to increase across all groups, even if at a slower rate than the last decade. The recent report from RAND and the University of Illinois showed that people are exercising more today, have more leisure time and better access to fresh, affordable food – including fruits and vegetables – than they did in past decades. Most economic, educational, and racial or ethnic groups have seen their obesity levels rise at similar rates since the mid-1980s, the researchers report. 

As the director of Penn's Center for Weight and Eating Disorders recently told the Philadelphia Inquirer, "A little bit of weight loss is good for your health," said Thomas Wadden, PhD, professor of Psychiatry. "A bigger weight loss is better for your health."

While there may be no magic solution to mastering the scales, experts suggest going back to the basics, and recommend that people dedicate time and energy to taking good care of themselves. For more tips from our weight loss experts, check out their keys to success and ideas to incorporate weight loss efforts into your daily life.

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