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A Day in the Life at Penn Medicine

Each autumn, the University of Pennsylvania showcases its myriad activities — scholarly and otherwise — in a photo project called A Day in the Life. One day a year, from 12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m., everybody at UPenn is invited to submit photographs of what they're up to at any particular time. The result is a massive collage — a pool of photographs that best represent the diversity of daily experiences at the University of Pennsylvania.

Penn Medicine participates as well, pulling together individuals and resources from all over the health system so we can cover the vast multitude of buildings, services, groups and people found within our walls, presenting them in a slideshow that is not at all indicative of everything we do here — but it's a pretty good start.

From the lowest floors of the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania all the way to the top of Penn Tower, from Philly to Botswana and Guatemala, this is A Day in the Life at Penn Medicine.

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