Ludmir2Last month, colleagues, friends, and family gathered at the newly named Ludmir Center for Women’s Health on the second floor of the Duncan Building to celebrate Jack Ludmir, MD and his dedication to providing high-quality health care for underserved women and families in Philadelphia and around the world.

Dr. Ludmir has served as PAH’s chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology since 1998 and as the president of the Board of Directors of Women’s and Children’s Health Services (WCHS) for the past 18 years. During his time at PAH, Dr. Ludmir has helped transform the way the Pennsylvania Hospital community cares for women and families. From introducing Philadelphia’s only laborist practice to improving the safety and quality of our care to encouraging staff and students to take on new challenges in the field of obstetrics and women’s health, Dr. Ludmir has paved an inspiring path for all of us at Pennsylvania Hospital.

One of his greatest achievements has been his work at WCHS. For nearly 40 years, WCHS has cared for women and families in need throughout Philadelphia and offered a unique training experience for residents and medical students. Under Ludmir’s leadership, the program has flourished, improving the health outcomes for women in the surrounding PAH community and achieving financial stability. He was also instrumental in securing grant funding to launch the Latina Community Health Services (LCHS). Since 2008, LCHS has operated inside the WCHS office to provide access to effective, culturally competent women’s health services to an underserved immigrant population.

“The fascinating thing for me during the early years of WCHS was that despite competition from many other institutions in the area, patients traveled from across the city to come here,” Dr. Ludmir said. “When I asked our patients why they came to WCHS, they told me it was because here we treated them with dignity and respect. These qualities: caring, dignity, and respect, in addition to excellence, should continue to be at the core of this center for future generations.” Call out quote

Dr. Ludmir’s commitment to enhancing the health and well-being of women, infants, and families expands far beyond PAH’s borders. His recent visit to Colombia to improve the care of pregnant women and his involvement at the national level to fight the Zika virus was featured in the Philadelphia Inquirer. He is headed back to South America this summer to continue those efforts. Throughout his career, Dr. Ludmir has traveled across the globe to ensure women and families everywhere have access to the care they need to stay healthy.

“Dr. Ludmir is a passionate physician and a true champion for women’s health,” Deborah Driscoll, MD, chair of the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Penn Medicine said. “He always goes the distance, traveling around the world to give women access to the quality health care they need. But no matter where he goes, he’s never forgotten that Philadelphia is his home.”

In addition to his work at PAH and WCHS, Dr. Ludmir is the co-founder of Puentes de Salud, a community health clinic dedicated to serving Latino immigrants in Philadelphia.  And for the past decade, he has been consistently recognized by Best Doctors of America, as a Top Doctor by U.S. News and World Report, and as a Top Doc by Philadelphia Magazine

But more, importantly, with the renaming of WCHS, Dr. Ludmir’s greatest honor is recognition from his colleagues, staff, and family.

“I am grateful that the center is named the Ludmir Center for Women’s Health and not the Jack Ludmir Center, because there is another Ludmir that has been behind the scenes for many years, without receiving any payment, interest, or recognition—my wife, Blima,” Dr. Ludmir said. “She truly represents what the Ludmir Center for Women’s Health should be:  a place that cares, understands, and supports women regardless of who they are or their ability to pay.”

Dr. Ludmir also expressed his gratitude to his dedicated staff, including Practice Manager Nadine Nelson-Smith, Nurse Manager Jacqui Bannerman, and Medical Director Sabrina Sukhan, MD.

Congratulations to Dr. Ludmir! The Ludmir Center for Women’s Health will carry on his commitment to advocating for women’s health for many years to come.

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